Early Intervention and the “Virtual Home Visit” Service Delivery Model

Individual holds baby on lap and looks at a tablet. Graphic reads “APH Hive. Exploring Virtual Home Visits in Early Intervention Services. DeEtte Snyder, Cathy Smyth, Nana Phangia Dewald”

Your young child who is blind or low vision likely has various early intervention services supporting their needs. As service-providing agencies find fewer providers, especially in rural areas, many offer virtual services. Some agencies offer a hybrid of in-person and virtual services, which has its own set of benefits and barriers. Would you like to learn more about virtual early intervention services, including how to get the most out of the service delivery model?

The APH Hive

The APH Hive offers training to support families and professionals exploring virtual early intervention services or a hybrid method. Understanding what a virtual home visit is, the benefits of virtual home visits, the challenges of the service delivery model, and understanding related research and best practices will only strengthen your services.

One such virtual training, Exploring Virtual Home Visiting, is taught by DeEtte Snyder, Cathy Smyth, and Nana Phangia Dewald, professionals in the Early Childhood space with decades of experience. DeEtte Snyder, Ph.D., is the Associate Director of Outreach, Birth to 5, at the Washington State School for the Blind. Hong “Nana” Phangia Dewald, Ph.D., is an O&M Specialist at the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind. Cathy Smyth, Ph.D., is the Director of Research at the Anchor Center for the Blind Children.  

Accessing “Exploring Virtual Home Visiting”

Parents and professionals can easily access this offering by going to The APH Hive at Home – APH Hive and clicking “Sign In” (Register if you aren’t signed up). Go to “Course Catalog,” “Early Childhood,” and click “Enroll for Exploring Virtual Home Visiting.” You will enter additional information, click “Submit,” and then “View Course.” Under “Resources,” you will find handouts you can print out to share with your providers or take notes on, and you will find links to additional resources and information. This training offers ACVREP credits for those who need to renew their licenses.

The APH Hive also covers many other resources and topics. Explore additional courses such as LEGO Braille Bricks Play-Based Teaching Method and Developing Self-Awareness.

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