Products and Technology

Discover low and high-tech solutions enabling independence at home and work, connection with friends and family, and enjoyment of hobbies and leisure activities.

Older couple use a smartphone

Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones

The Windows and Mac computer operating systems and Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets have built-in accessibility features, making them usable for many individuals who are blind or low vision. Discover the built-in accessibility options and learn about apps that work well for work and play.

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Person using a handheld magnifier

Low Vision Devices

Standalone magnifiers allow individuals with low vision to enlarge documents and read text without a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Learn about some of the features and choices available on the market.

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Bold-line paper, 2020 pen

Low-Tech Devices

The most effective solution is not always the most expensive one with all the bells and whistles. Find low-tech products and devices to enable independence around the house or at work.

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Person uses a refreshable braille display

Braille Displays and Notetakers

A refreshable braille display displays text in braille for use with computers, smartphones, and tablets. Some devices have built-in applications such as a calendar, clock, email program, and word processor. Discover options that best meet your needs or those you serve.

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Amazon Alexa

Smart Speakers

Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri-enabled devices are affordable voice-activated virtual assistants that can control various smart home devices and services. Discover what else you can access simply by asking.

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Person using a braille watch by touch

Watches, Clocks, and Calendars

Learn about accessible devices for keeping track of time and appointments for individuals who are blind or low vision.

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Puffy paint, Tactile stickers, and bump dots

Labeling and Marking

Identifying products around the house or on the job is essential to independent living and staying organized. Find products and resources for labeling or marking items when blind or low vision.

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Juno Portable Video Magnifier

Links to Sources of Helpful Products

Several guides can help you locate the best products to help you adjust to vision loss. Here are a few that may be helpful.   Product Guides and Stores Many of the products in the APH catalog are for children or teachers to use in the classroom. However, APH does sell some items of interest to […]

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