Mother and child embrace; adult has a light forehead scar.

Strength After Domestic Abuse — Never Losing Sight of Who Matters 

“I went blind in 2016 when I was two months pregnant,” says Stacie. She shares her ex abused her, injuring her neck and head. “I lost my vision — leading […]

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A person and their dog guide walk in New York City.

Keeping People Moving by Making Public Transit More Accessible

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but considering how much Ron Brooks has moved around the U.S. since his youth, it seems fitting that he’s spent his entire professional career working […]

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An individual wearing glasses appears to hold an object while standing in front of six portraits in a museum.

Explore Museums at Your Own Pace with Audio Description

If you’re blind or have low vision, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the visual arts – such as paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts in various museums. […]

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Caution: Wet Floor sign

From Awareness to Action: Preventing Falls

Editor’s Note: Falls Prevention Awareness Week is September 18-22 this year. The theme is “From Awareness to Action,” as reflected in the title of this post. Former peer advisor Mary […]

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