A person with a backpack and a guide dog walks along railroad tracks surrounded by greenery

Unexpected Clarity: How Vision Loss Changed My Life

“I hate to tell you this…” The ophthalmologist handed me a box of tissues as she shared the news that I could not drive. I shook my head and chuckled […]

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code visible on a computer screen through eyeglasses

Accessible Coding: A Reflection From a Non-Techie

I want to preface my reflection by saying I was not proficient or interested in computer programming before attending the 2023 National Coding Symposium. As an APH ConnectCenter intern, I […]

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closeup of hearing aid in ear

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: My Experience as a Blind Person

I’d like to say it started in my early 50’s when I could no longer hear the ding of the triangle in one of my favorite Queen songs. But if […]

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Two people in suits shake hands across a desk

Job Resources for Blind and Low Vision Graduates

Here we are in graduation season. If you are a person with a visual impairment celebrating this time of year, congratulations.  Many of you are transitioning from high school or […]

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