A windy road

Following the Yellow Brick Road to Employment Happiness

Choosing your life’s work is no easy feat. Young people are told they can do anything they want, which is a nice sentiment from parents, teachers, and friends. However, young […]

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dark night sky with the moon passing in front of the sun (eclipse)

Preparing for the Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun is blocked wholly or partially from view by the moon. It lasts only a few minutes, but the solar corona (the sun’s outer […]

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older person smiling and a younger person embracing them

Reframing Aging and Blindness/ Low Vision  

As we approach Older Americans Month and Healthy Vision Month in May, let’s reflect on the progress in achieving the desired long-term outcomes in the Theory of Change (TOC), adopted […]

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young person with curly hair and eyeglasses wears a graduation cap and gown

Strategies for Finding and Applying to Scholarship Programs 

Attending college can be an exciting next step in your life, but it can also be expensive. Scholarships can help you attend college at low or no cost, but the […]

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