Child holds a Curious George stuffed animal in an eyeglass shop.

Rosie the Resilient

At just five days old, Rosemary faced a daunting battle when she contracted bacterial meningitis. Her grandmother, Angela, recounted their harrowing experience, “She went to the pediatric ICU, where she […]

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a buffet with crystal dishes filled with bite-sized appetizers.

Etiquette to Make Your Workplace Holiday Parties Festive and Memorable 

The holiday season is one of those unique times of the year that allows colleagues to meet in an informal setting. Even though the atmosphere is more relaxed than the […]

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Coworkers mingling in an office

Developing Positive Work Habits

Editor’s note: The following has been updated by APH Staff as of November 2023.   You know an employer hires employees based on specific technical skills, but did you know employers […]

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Two coworkers smile and converse at a standing desk.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace for People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Much can be said about happiness and maximized productivity in the workplace. Working with coworkers on projects and deadlines does not have to be daunting or cumbersome. The following tips […]

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