CareerConnect® is an integral part of the APH ConnectCenter, a website that provides curated information and resources to people who are blind or low vision, their families, teachers, counselors, and employers. CareerConnect offers job seekers of all ages and employers a variety of resources to help with the job search and hiring process.

CareerConnect features information on self-awareness, career exploration, finding employment, interviewing, and maintaining employment for adults, transition-age youth, families, teachers, and counselors. Visitors will find advice, stories of people who are blind or low vision at work, an online Job Seekers Toolkit, and more.

Man sitting at desk interviewing a person


Learn about hiring and working with competent and qualified individuals who happen to be blind or low vision.

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Young blind man with sunglasses holding a white cane outside talking into his phone.

Job Seekers Toolkit, Prep and Resources

Explore job-search resources and information on preparing yourself as a person who is blind or low vision to locate and land a job you love.

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women co-workers in office workplace including person with blindness disability using computer with refreshable braille display assistive device.

Professionals with Vision or Career Changes

Discover the skills and accommodations needed to perform job functions and excel in the workforce as an individual who is blind or low vision.

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Teacher helping high school students with technology.

Families, Teachers, & Counselors

Support family members or consumers who are blind or low vision as they prepare for rewarding employment with self-paced consumer courses, lesson plans, and program development strategies.

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happy woman in headphone typing on computer keyboard working in workplace office.

Transition-Age Youth

Utilize resources and grapple with hot topics as a teen or young adult on a journey to establish independence and career goals.

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Student with glasses holding a paper

Personal Employment Stories

Hear from individuals who are blind or low vision who have graciously shared their employment stories.

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