Find resources and techniques you can use to serve people who are blind or low vision effectively and safely, and learn key information about the impact of aging and vision loss in this country.

Adult teaching two adult learners

Understanding Vision Rehabilitation

The term “vision rehabilitation” includes a wide range of services that can restore functioning after vision changes. Vision rehabilitation services for adults who are blind or low vision are provided […]

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Group of diverse medical professionals

Medical Professionals

This section includes suggestions for talking to and helping patients who are blind or low vision and who are often new to vision changes. These patients are most likely unaware […]

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Smiling older person sits between two individuals

Aging 101

Find out about the prevalence of blindness and low vision among older people, tips and techniques for serving them, and some of the significant issues that older people who are […]

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Person sitting on bench holding a white cane

Blindness and Low Vision 101

This section covers basic principles for assisting people who are blind or low vision and some of the emotional and other concerns that adults new to blindness or low vision […]

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Young adult walking down the street with an older adult using a white cane


Use our resource list to find a variety of assistance for people who are blind or low vision –from support groups to vision rehabilitation services and more.

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