Blindness and Low Vision 101

This section covers basic principles for assisting people who are blind or low vision and some of the emotional and other concerns that adults new to blindness or low vision face.

Group exercise class

Recreational Activities for Older People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Group Activities Music Music is engaging for most people such as a sing-along, preferably where someone is playing an instrument and leading the singing. Songs can be geared to an era or theme. If the group members actively participate, attendees may request favorites. Also, a group might create a book of their favorites. Participants can use instruments […]

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Person wearing eyeglasses shakes hands with an individual

Meeting, Guiding, and Orienting a Person Who is Blind or Low Vision

Family, friends, and professionals are often unsure of how to interact with and assist older people who are blind or low vision. They aren’t sure what individuals can see, what is considered standard courtesy, and what type of assistance older people who are blind or low vision may desire. Know that the vision of one […]

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