Are you a parent or family member of a child who is blind or has low vision? Perhaps your child was diagnosed at a young age, or you may be discovering a diagnosis later in childhood. Parenting any child is challenging; parenting a child who is blind or has low vision can present additional challenges. You are not alone in your parenting journey. 

APH FamilyConnect ® is here to support you, your child, your family, and your child’s medical and educational team members. Discover tips, ideas, information, and personal stories to support your family in raising your child. You can also search for resources by state or category by visiting our Directory of Services. The directory will help you find agencies, schools, camps, and other offerings for you and your family.

Cover of both Getting Started Guides from birth to 3rd grade and 4th to 12th grade

Getting Started Guides

APH FamilyConnect’s Getting Started Guides provide information about vision development, navigating IFSP and IEPs, braille literacy, technology, transition support, tips and ideas to support your child at home, and a […]

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After the Diagnosis

Does your child have a new visual diagnosis? Learn about services for your child, understand the emotions you and your family may encounter, hear others’ stories, and learn how to […]

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Browse by Age

Find age-appropriate resources for your child’s development, play or hobbies, and self-care.

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Ideas for Home/Community

Read tips on adapting your home to support your child and discover helpful products, toys, crafts, and activities to engage your child throughout the year.

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Information and resources on IFSPs, IEPs, Assessments, ECC, Homeschool, Literacy and Braille, and Your Rights and Advocacy.

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Complex Needs

Learn more about deafblindness, blindness and multiple disabilities, complex needs, CVI, and ASD when blind or low vision.

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