Job Seekers Toolkit, Prep and Resources

Explore job-search resources and information on preparing yourself as a person who is blind or low vision to locate and land a job you love.

Woman with glasses and headphones working at a sewing table

Job Seekers Toolkit

NSITE and American Printing House for the Blind Connect Center bring you the Jobseeker’s Toolkit, an accessible, self-paced, free online training course. The purpose of The Jobseeker’s Toolkit is to […]

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Job Search Resources

Utilize the following resources in your job search.

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Job Search Preparation

Here’s your game plan for a successful job search.

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Career Exploration

Browse information on preparing for gainful employment.

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Cartoon on man in suit and tie looking up through binoculars.

Conducting a Successful Job Search

The following are job-seeking skills to develop and hone.

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A person being interviewed at a table in front of a large window

Interview Preparation

Get ready for upcoming job interviews.

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