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Career Exploration, Part 1: The Research Sequence

What Is Career Exploration? Career exploration is the first step to finding a job you’ll be good at and enjoy doing. If you’re new to the workforce or are thinking […]

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Career Exploration, Part 2: Reaching Out to Others

After careers have been explored and an action plan has been developed, consider seeking information and mentorship from individuals who are currently in your field of interest. Occupational Interviews Occupational […]

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Professionally dressed individual using a video magnifier in an office

Careers for Blind and Low-Vision Individuals

People who are blind or low vision are employed in as many diverse jobs as those who are sighted in the workforce. Individuals with vision loss can perform jobs across […]

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How Does a College Degree Impact Your Working Future If You Are Blind or Have Low Vision?

If you are contemplating whether or not to further your education beyond high school by attending college or career school, it is a decision worthy of thoughtful consideration. According to […]

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