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Title: Blind Kids Just Want To Have Fun: Thriving Our Way Into The Future of Physical Distancing at Summer Camp 

Date: Wednesday December 9, 2020

Time: 3:00 – 4:30PM ET

Description: While we continue to practice social distancing, we can’t help but wonder what next summer will bring. Participants will hear from and engage in an interactive panel of 4 to 5 camp program from across the United States and Canada to learn how summer camp programs for blind youth and teens can safely plan for and provide a robust fun learning experience in d representatives from summer camps in Canada.  

Target Audience: Parents, Students, Professionals

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A group of older kids at an outdoor gathering. Text reads: Blind Kids Just Want to Have Fun: Thriving Our Way Into the Future of Social Distancing at Summer Camp. CareerConnect and FamilyConnect Logos

Title: Unwrapping the Wonder: Discussing Low and High Tech Gifts for Adults Who are Visually Impaired

Date: Wednesday December 2, 2020

Time: 3:00 – 4:30PM ET

Description: With the gift giving season upon us, you may wonder about what gifts to get family, friends or colleagues who are visually impaired. In this webinar we will share options to consider when gifting for adults with vision loss. Focusing on accessibility and user friendliness, we’ll discuss everything from mainstream products to specialty items. 

Presenters: Laura Legendary, Elegant Insights Jewelry and consumer; Shay Duarte, APH Customer Service Representative and consumer; Richard Rueda CareerConnect Program Lead and Jeannie Johnson, VisionAware Peer Advisor 

Target Audience: Families, TVI’s, O&M and Adults who are visually impaired 


Stack of beautifully wrapped gifts. Text reads "Unwrapping the Wonder" VisionAware Logo

Title: VisionAware – Monitoring Your Blood Sugar and Using Insulin When You’re Visually Impaired    

Date:Monday November 30, 2020 

Time:3:00pm – 4:00PM ET

Instructors:Kim Ladd, RNBSCPHQCDCES and Audrey Demmitt, RN, BSN

Description:Monitoring blood sugar and using insulin are two essential skills for people with diabetes, but are more challenging with vision loss. This session will provide information on how to use adapted equipment and techniques to safely and accurately perform these self-care tasks. There will be time for Q&A following the presentation.  


person measuring blood glucose with test strip and meter

Title: VisionAware O&M in a Virtual World: A Model for Providing Services to Deaf-Blind Adults

Date: Wednesday November 18, 2020

Time:  3:30 – 5:30PM ET

Description: With the current pandemic Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) had to change its approach to serving Deaf-Blind adults.  This webinar will explore the process as it’s unfolding.  Join us as we explore this model together. 

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Man walking with long white cane, title of webinar

Title: Tips and Techniques to Develop Pre-Braille Skills in Toddlers 

Date: Monday, November 16, 2020 

Time: 2:00 – 3:30PM ET

Description:It is never too early to start incorporating activities that promote the development of pre-braille skills. Sara and Julia will share a variety of strategies that can be implemented within the home to support future braille readers and writers.  Join us to learn more about how household materials or very inexpensive items can be put together to create educational materials that promote growth in different developmental areas with an emphasis on pre-braille skills. Many of the activities shared in the webinar can be adapted to meet learners of all ages needs and interests.   

Instructors:Sara Edwards and Julia Bowman (ISVI)

Target Audience:  Parents/Caregivers, Professionals

Credit: ACVREP (for live webinar only)

Time:2:00pm – 3:30 (EST) 


young blonde haired girl reading braille

Title: Now I See: BVI Lessons of Prophesy, Pain, Purpose and Parenting

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020

Time: 2:00 – 3:00PM ET


Description: Vera Jones, author and motivational speaker, shares the daunting emotional and physical challenges she and her son faced when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and blindness, Vera reveals critical lessons for resilience, change, and finding significance in the midst of adversity.

Presenter: Vera Jones President, Vera’s VoiceWorks, LLC, Motivational speaker, Author and Personal Development Trainer

Target Audience: Parents, Students, Professionals

Vera Jones

Title: Promoting Social Connections for Individuals (all ages) with Visual Impairments during Physical Distancing

Date: Thursday November 12, 2020

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30PM ET


Description: As widespread social lockdown and physical distancing remain the new norm due to the Coronavirus pandemic, individuals who are blind and visually impaired face more social challenges than ever. This session aims to explore strategies for preventing isolation, boredom, loneliness, and disengagement during these uncertain times. Activities and other opportunities to create and maintain social connections will be explored for people with visual impairments of all ages. Presented in partnership with Oregon AER and FamilyConnect.

 Instructor(s): Kate Katulak

Co-Sponsorship: This webinar is offered as a joint project between Family Connect and Oregon AER

Credit: ACVREP (for live webinar only)

woman gestures with hands while attending a group virtual event.

Title: How Can Parents and Caregivers of Students with Visual Impairments Make Certain that their Student Receives Meaningful Sex Education Instruction?

Date: Thursday October 29, 2020

Time: 3:30 – 5:00PM ET

Description: The American Printing House for the Blind (APH), in consultation with professionals in the field of visual impairment and blindness, has published a Health Education Guidebook specifically designed to be used by teachers of students who are visually impaired. The manual includes the following units: Diet and Nutrition, Communicable Diseases/Non-Communicable Diseases and Prevention, Sex Education, Personal Health, Injury Prevention and Safety. Two of the authors of this manual will share information about this resource during this session paying particular focus to the chapter on sex education and the need for meaningful sex education methods for students with visual impairments. 

Instructors: Gaylen Kapperman and Stacy Kelly

Target Audience: Parents of children with visual impairments, caregivers of children with visual impairments, and teachers of students with visual impairments