Recreation and Leisure

From crafts, woodworking, traveling, and reading to sports and exercise, this section is full of information on the variety of activities people who are blind or low vision can engage in using a few adaptations. 

group of older adults play cards

Cards and Games

We’ll introduce you to a wide range of card and board games adapted for people who are blind or low vision. These will enable you to continue with your love […]

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Person in sugar skull mask and costume for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration

Arts and Culture

Learn how to continue enjoying the theater, art, music, singing in a choir or chorus, and activities such as international travel when you are blind or low vision.

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Headphones resting on a laptop


Find out how to continue enjoying your favorite television shows. And learn about podcasts and how to access them.

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Person reading braille while seated on a couch

Reading and Writing

Tablet computers, like the iPad, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy, have dramatically changed how we read. For individuals experiencing vision changes, these devices have also increased the overall ease of access to […]

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Group of people making sand art on a light table

Arts and Crafts if You are Blind or Low Vision

Many arts and crafts and woodworking activities can be adapted for people who are blind or have low vision. Learn more about how to enjoy these recreational pursuits.

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Person wears hat and sunglasses while trimming a bush

Gardening and Yard Work

Learn about tips for gardening, including raised bed gardening, from experienced gardeners who are blind or low vision.

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A person swimming the butterfly stroke in a pool lane


People who are blind or low vision compete and participate in every possible sport. Sometimes the rules are modified; sometimes adaptive techniques are used; and other times adaptive equipment may […]

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A room of people stretching on exercise mats

Exercise if You are Blind or Low Vision

Find tips for developing and maintaining good balance and strength and advice on exercising safely if you are experiencing pain.

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