Gardening and Yard Work

Learn about tips for gardening, including raised bed gardening, from experienced gardeners who are blind or low vision.

raised-bed gardens with various greenery

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is an accessible way for blind and low-vision gardeners to grow many veggies or flowers. Using this method, even renters who can’t dig up the yard can […]

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Grandparent and child plant greenery in a pot

Gardening and Yard Work Information

Gardening can be a wonderful sensory experience. Several simple tips can reduce the workload and increase your sensory pleasure: Use Landscaping Fabric or Mulch Use Colorful and Tactile Borders Choose […]

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Person wearing protective eye goggles and trimming a bush

Tips from an Experienced Gardener Who is Blind

You may wonder if you can garden after losing your vision. You can, and here are a few ideas to make it more enjoyable. Container gardening is a particularly easy, […]

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