Find out how to continue enjoying your favorite television shows. And learn about podcasts and how to access them.

Person using an ipad to choose a streaming show

Streaming Media – Television on the Internet

Television viewing has changed dramatically in the last several years. The traditional “tube” that sat in a common area of the home with a rabbit-ear antenna or a cable connection […]

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Close-up of a microphone

Exploring the World of Podcasts

You’ve heard the term “podcast” before, but do you know what it means? Of course! A little pod being cast about, right? Well, almost. What is a Podcast? A podcast […]

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Multi-generational family gathers for a television show

Enjoying Television

One of the most common challenges people report after experiencing blindness/ low vision is watching television. They often report an inability to see the actors’ faces, printed text on the […]

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