People who are blind or low vision compete and participate in every possible sport. Sometimes the rules are modified; sometimes adaptive techniques are used; and other times adaptive equipment may be required. Learn more about your options.

Person releasing bowling ball


Bowling when blind or low vision is not only possible but is also highly competitive. Ask anyone in the American Blind Bowlers Association about tournaments, training, and rules! Blind and […]

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A group of runners in a race


If you’re a runner or would like to be, and you’re blind or low vision, you’ll probably want to run with a guide. This is done in two common ways, […]

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Several people hiking a trail

Walking and Hiking

First, consider meeting with an Orientation and Mobility Specialist. This vision rehabilitation professional is trained to teach safe walking techniques in your community. These may require using a long white […]

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Mature couple riding through grass on a tandem bicycle

Tandem Bicycling

According to many enthusiastic participants, tandem cycling can be highly social, immense fun, good exercise—and very fast! In addition to providing a great workout, the teamwork required by tandem cycling […]

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Two people on the back of a sailboat

Sailing and Boating

A wide variety of water sports involve boats. Some sailing and boating techniques may be easier than others for a person who is blind or has low vision, but all […]

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Two people in brightly colored ski gear in a snowy background

Skiing for People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Many people who are blind or have low vision continue to enjoy the sport of skiing: There are two primary ways to orient and guide skiers who are blind or […]

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Grandparent and grandchild eat popsicles in the pool


Swimming can be an excellent sport for individuals who are blind or low vision. It has been practiced for many years by individuals of all ages for competition, fitness, and […]

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