Job Seekers Toolkit

NSITE and American Printing House for the Blind Connect Center bring you the Jobseeker’s Toolkit, an accessible, self-paced, free online training course. The purpose of The Jobseeker’s Toolkit is to assist you in acquiring and build critical tools that will ultimately help conduct a successful job search. The Toolkit’s five courses are structured into modules and activities that build on the content and exercises of the preceding course. 

Getting Started:

There are two basic ways to continue onto the Job Seekers Toolkit pages hosted by NSITE through their Learning Management System. You may either link to creating an Account: NSITE-U

Or, if you are already registered, you may link to NSITE-U Login Page: NSITE-U Login. We strongly recommend that you bookmark these links to easily and quickly return to the Job Seekers Toolkit online courses. You may access the toolkit on any mobile device and or a computer.


Depending on how thorough you are with each course and how interactive your teachers, vocational rehabilitation staff and other community supports work with you on these, each course can take up to an hour or a little longer to complete. The idea is to learn, grow, build resources and have fun with this. Before you know it, you will have completed all five courses. Take your time and enjoy the learning that awaits.


Please take our short five-question survey on the Job Seekers Toolkit. Your feedback will assist us as the toolkit evolves to best serve current and future job seekers. You can access the five-question survey by clicking APH ConnectCenter’s Job Seekers Toolkit Survey (

Contact Us:

For questions about the Job Seekers Toolkit, connect with NSITE through their online contact form at Additionally, the APH ConnectCenter can be contacted through email at [email protected].