Conducting a Successful Job Search

The following are job-seeking skills to develop and hone.


Let’s face it: The demands of life require money. You, reader, need a job or look forward to a future career. Where do you start? Considering approximately one-third of your […]

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Finding and Utilizing Job Leads

Job leads—information about job openings, either in the form of ads, postings, information from your network, or even rumors or news items—are a crucial part of establishing a career. No […]

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A visually impaired person using a walking stick

Disclosing Blindness/ Low Vision

When—if ever—to disclose your disability to a potential or current employer is one of the most difficult issues people who are blind/ low vision deal with during the employment process. […]

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Photo of a job applicatoin being filled out

Filling Out a Job Application

Employers use standard application forms to gather basic information about the candidates when filling a position. Applications may ask for much of the information you have included on your resume, […]

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Photo of sample resume

Building a Resume/ Sample Resume

Resumes are a necessity in the job-seeking process. It’s essential to have a high-quality and current resume prepared and on hand whenever a potential employer might ask for one. Most […]

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Photo of newspaper, notebook, pen and cover

Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a formal letter submitted as an accompaniment to a resume. A standard cover letter should run no longer than three paragraphs and be simple to read, […]

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