Nursing With Low Vision: Trailblazing a Path 

folded white cane and stethoscope

Ask any healthcare professional why they chose their career. It will usually boil down to: “I want to help people.” However, the distinguishing answer lies in each person’s unique story that moved them to action. Perhaps, however, we have grown so used to trying to cure or fix. So much so, we have become indifferent […]

walking into a job interview at an office

Reflections on Workplace Accommodations for Blind and Low Vision Employees 

Imagine you have just taken your seat for a job interview. Your skills and training have led you to this moment in your job search. You’re confident, and you’re ready for it.  When the interviewer asks you which reasonable accommodations will be necessary to perform your job responsibilities, you confidently explain what you need, including a screen reader, […]

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Peter holding the book, "Marshmallow and Peter"

Peter’s Tale of Triumph and Batten Disease

Beth’s world shifted dramatically when her son, Peter, at just six years old, was diagnosed with Batten disease. “Honestly, I was overwhelmed learning that there was no treatment or cure. My sweet boy would slowly lose all of his abilities,” Beth recounts. The diagnosis was much to digest. However, instead of succumbing to despair, Beth […]

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A person with a backpack and a guide dog walks along railroad tracks surrounded by greenery

Unexpected Clarity: How Vision Loss Changed My Life

“I hate to tell you this…” The ophthalmologist handed me a box of tissues as she shared the news that I could not drive. I shook my head and chuckled as I pushed the box away before noticing my parents crying in the corner of the room.   Despite my parents’ tears, I was sure the […]

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code visible on a computer screen through eyeglasses

Accessible Coding: A Reflection From a Non-Techie

I want to preface my reflection by saying I was not proficient or interested in computer programming before attending the 2023 National Coding Symposium. As an APH ConnectCenter intern, I aimed to attend and write a blog about my experience.  So, here are my thoughts from a non-STEM perspective.   Unfortunately, I could not attend the […]

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