Children with Blindness and Complex Needs: Building Better Communications  

A child standing and engaged with a large blue barrel with bells moving it around.

Are you ready to better support your child with complex needs? APH Hive’s three-part course provides families with tips that are especially useful for advocating and enhancing communication at home or in discussions with IEP teams. Part 1: Using the Sensing and Learning Approach with Sensorimotor State Learner  Learn how to connect play with learning. […]

The Hive Reading Strategies for Visually Impaired Children: Unlocking the Foundation of Reading

A group of students with one in the middle reading a braille book. The APH Hive logo and graphic around the image.

Are you eager to help your child with blindness or low vision excel in reading? Join us in The Hive course, Unlocking the Foundation of Reading for Students with Visual Impairments. This course allows families to gain valuable insight and explore effective strategies to support their child’s reading development.  Understanding Reading Development  Reading is a […]

Letters to Parents: A TVI’s Journey of Purpose and Passion 

classroom cabinets decorated with space-themed pictures

In this heartfelt blog, Julene Fitch, a teacher for students with blindness or low vision, shares her journey from a parent navigating the challenges of raising a child with low vision to becoming a passionate educator dedicated to empowering students and their families. Her commitment to collaboration, holistic development, and building a supportive community shines […]