The Hive Reading Strategies for Visually Impaired Children: Unlocking the Foundation of Reading

A group of students with one in the middle reading a braille book. The APH Hive logo and graphic around the image.

Are you eager to help your child with blindness or low vision excel in reading? Join us in The Hive course, Unlocking the Foundation of Reading for Students with Visual Impairments. This course allows families to gain valuable insight and explore effective strategies to support their child’s reading development. 

Understanding Reading Development 

Reading is a skill that opens the door to learning and imagination. For children with visual impairments, learning to read can involve unique challenges that require specialized support and understanding. This course will help you understand the typical development of reading skills and how visual impairments might affect these processes.  

The Role of the Brain and the Eyes 

Learn about the fascinating interplay between the brain and sensory inputs in reading. You’ll explore how the brain processes information and the specific considerations for children who rely less on visual cues and more on tactile or auditory inputs, such as braille or audiobooks.  

Building Foundations 

Instructional video content covers the essential components of reading:  

  • The Simple View of Reading: Understand how decoding and language comprehension come together. 
  • Scarborough’s Reading Rope: Explore the intertwined skills necessary for proficient reading. 
  • National Reading Panel: Gain insight into effective reading instruction practices. 

Special Focus Areas 

This course dives into early literacy, managing expectations, and addressing specific challenges like dyslexia or English as a second language. 

Tailored Teaching Strategies 

Discover practical strategies tailored for teaching reading to children with visual impairments. The course shares how to adapt lessons to suit individual needs and make learning fun and accessible. 

Assessing Progress 

Learn about different assessments that can help track your child’s reading development and identify specific needs for accommodations or modifications. 

Enhancing Access to Reading 

Investigate factors like the age when visual impairment occurs, your child’s most functional vision, and how these influence access to reading material and instruction. 

The Impact of Visual Impairments on Reading Skills 

Understand more about how visual impairments specifically affect areas like language comprehension and word recognition and how to expand the concept of reading beyond traditional methods. 

Join Our Learning 

By enrolling in this course, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and join a community that includes other families and experts by engaging in active discussion boards, which prompts deeper thinking and exchange of ideas. Together, we can share experiences, strategies, and encouragement to ensure our children achieve their fullest potential in reading. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your understanding and support your child’s journey to becoming a confident reader. Enroll now to begin learning content dedicated to turning challenges into opportunities for growth and joy in reading.