Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones

The Windows and Mac computer operating systems and Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets have built-in accessibility features, making them usable for many individuals who are blind or low vision. Discover the built-in accessibility options and learn about apps that work well for work and play.

Employee using a desktop computer

Screen Readers

Screen readers are applications that speak the content of a device aloud for someone who is blind or low vision. Learn about built-in, free, and paid options and which one, […]

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Person using a video magnifier


Magnification software enlarges text on the screen for users with low vision. Discover built-in, free, and paid options for this software.

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Person using a tablet


Want to read a book, catch up on the news, look for employment opportunities, or keep in touch with family and friends? There’s an app for that! Learn about some […]

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Mature man holding a smartphone near his ear

Choosing a Device

Android to Apple, Chromebook, Mac, or Windows — discover what sets these operating systems apart and which may best meet your needs or those you serve.

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iPhone-size smartphone with a touch screen and tactile keypad

Raz Mobility SmartVision 3 – An Accessible Android Smartphone

Raz Mobility has tamed the Android smartphone’s screen reader, TalkBack, and packaged it in a phone with a number pad you can feel in a smartphone! The SmartVision3 puts the […]

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