Links to Sources of Helpful Products

Several guides can help you locate the best products to help you adjust to vision loss. Here are a few that may be helpful.  

Product Guides and Stores

Many of the products in the APH catalog are for children or teachers to use in the classroom. However, APH does sell some items of interest to adults. 

person holding Juno, a portable video magnifier with print enlarged on screen
Juno Portable Video Magnifier

For example, portable handheld magnifiers, such as the Juno and the Jupiter, a large portable magnifier.

They also sell products such as signature and check writing guides and low vision calendars in the section: Daily Living and Social Interaction, p. 176.  The Catalog 2022-2023 (

Technology Solution Companies

Help for Living with Blindness or Low Vision

If you need help living with vision loss, check out our Roadmap to Living with Vision Loss and Getting Started: A Guide for People New to Vision Loss.