Father’s Day Poems from the Heart

For Father’s Day, VisionAware Peers share tributes in quite different but touching ways.

Flattery Gets You Everywhere

by Maribel Steel

Maribel Steel poetically and appreciatively thanks her Dad for his skillful editing of her writings.

My father, Brian, shares a passion for the craft of writing. He is a well-seasoned author and linguist and is one of my ‘senior’ go-to editors who cares deeply for well-polished prose.

As I am visually impaired, his impeccable editor’s eye and his prompt proofreading of my short stories with his suggested changes gave an extra reason for celebration when one of my articles was published. My Dad often reassured me that, no matter how busy he was with his own writing, it was never a chore to take on my edits.

A few years ago, as another deadline approached, I wrote the following poem, and dedicate it again to him on Father’s Day.

Hi father dear, a pithy piece here,

Won’t take up too long, you’ll be free once it’s gone,

And I promise not to send, any more prose this weekend,

And if your energy fades, I have croissants and marmalade,

to bring with a smile, as you toil for a while.

Be assured no other man, works as hard as you can

in polishing my prose, heavens, it’s worth it, you know,

Because you can never tell, who’s reading the works of Maribel.

Thanks to you, my talented scribe, who plays his part, in keeping alive,

adjectives and adverbs and all things great,

A keen-eyed editor, not afraid to fill his plate,

“another one, Sir?” I dare to ask,

“Sure,” you say, “I don’t mind the task.”

OK, Dad, over to you; to work your magic…

 as you always do!!

His reply?

“Flattery will get you everywhere!”

Writing a Postcard Poem for Father’s Day

by DeAnna Quietwater Noriega

DeAnna gives excellent advice on writing a postcard poem and offers her own Father’s Day poem.

Anyone can write poetry. It does not depend on rhyming, meter, or number of syllables. It is a way to capture and distill an idea, get something out of your head or off your mind. Even if you never show it to anyone, it can give you a chance to think through problems. Here is an easy exercise to get you started.

A postcard poem is a five-line poem. It is concise and could fit on the back of a postcard. The structure is as follows:

Line one contains the addressee or person you are directing your postcard to.

Line two is the introduction, “This is just to Say.” “I just wanted you to know,” “I was thinking of you today.”

Lines three and four are the confession where you put down the main message you want to convey.

Line five is the request, apology or excuse and conclusion of your poem. “Please forgive me,” “I hope you don’t mind,” “I thought you should know.”

This framework is just a reference guide. You do not have to stick to the exact line count. Just use the elements the five lines represent and go for it. These can be humorous or serious. They make an excellent thank you or note for a friend or gift from the heart! What’s more, they are more personal than a store-bought card.

Example of Postcard Poem Written to My Husband

My solid rock and safe place,

I don’t think I have ever told you.

How your love is my haven,

When I bruise my wings fighting dragons,

Thank you for being there to pick up my pieces.

I also wrote a poem for fathers. It is not a postcard poem but is from my heart!

For Fathers by Deanna Noriega

A Father feels pride in his child’s accomplishments.

The light of his approval shines brighter than any trophy.

A Dad seeks to impart his hard won wisdom,

But accepts that some kids can only learn by making their own mistakes.

A Daddy can always draw forth a smile or a giggle,

Even through the tears of a bruised knee or heart.

A Pop is wise enough to know that he can’t always protect the ones he loves,

So, he is always there ready to offer what comfort a hug will bring.

A Papa’s hair has begun to fade or grow thin,

From all the worry of raising kids.

Still he is ready to open his heart to his child’s children.

The person who has all of these men rolled up in one,

Is a truly blessed child.

Happy Father’s Day Father, Dad, Daddy, Pop and Papa.