VisionAware Highlights for 2021

VisionAware Peers: Empish on left showing air fryer; Amy holding white cane; Elizabeth in her garden

Topics That Have Resonated with Readers  

COVID-19, of course, is the big news anywhere you turn, and VisionAware has responded to this crisis for people who are blind or visually impaired by offering content on staying safe, finding transportation, maintaining your household, and looking out for your eyes. VisionAware uses tags for our blog content and has a great search function, so you should be able to find any of this information easily. For example, when looking for post categories, go to Blogs and find the list of post categories. The blogs go back to the inception of VisionAware blogs almost a decade ago.  

Sample Blog Topic Areas  

man walking with white cane
Man Walking with White Cane


Pick a topic such as COVID-19 and you will immediately get a long list of blog posts related to this topic, including the latest on the importance of clean hands the eyes and COVID, and getting supplies and transportation. 


Pick the holiday tag and you will get a list of any posts that relate to activities during the holidays, such as gift giving, cooking, and watching movies.  

Cooking with Confidence 

This topic will bring up posts such as our holiday posts on cooking, as well as some of the all-time favorites, Cuttin’ up in the Kitchen, using microwave hacks, and food storage after COVID. 


This section includes a valuable post to people new to the site searching for information: How VisionAware Can Help People New to Vision Loss – VisionAware.  You can also find a variety of information about independence including getting started when you are new to vision loss.Support Groups 

If you are looking to connect with others adjusting to vision loss or blindness, support groups are invaluable. The support groups and other resources page on VisionAware provides links to locate local and virtual support groups, as well as listings within the APH Directory of Services to counseling and adjustment services, low vision services, orientation and mobility training resources, and vocational rehabilitation programs.   

Remember, these are just a few of the interesting topic areas for your reading pleasure as we close out 2021. For a good laugh to end your year, check out an old series written by our peers, Laughter is Often the Best Medicine Archives – VisionAware. 

Using the VisionAware Search Engine 

APH VisionAware has a great deal of content organized into the following sections: Everyday Living, Your Eye Condition, Working Life, For Seniors, and Emotional Support. The site offers a directory of services and a link to the APH ConnectCenter. The ConnectCenter, which encompasses VisionAware and other sites such as APHCareerConnect and FamilyConnect, offers telephone and email support to people dealing with losing vision and their families. 

As you can imagine with almost a decade behind us, the site is deep and rich with information. Be sure to watch our video on using VisionAware to find out more about what the site offers, and to find information on VisionAware, use the search engine. 

The search bar is located at the top of the VisionAware home page. It is to the right of the VisionAware logo, and for people with low vision, the search bar is labeled with a red button and white print. If using a screen reader, pressing the tab key two times will place you in the “search” field. Type the term you wish to search for, and press enter. You can enter literally any term related to vision loss.

Sample Topics

Jeannie using food chopper
Jeannie Johnson Using Food Chopper

Here is a sample of topics you can find by searching the site: 

Cooking—find information about cooking for the holidays as well as cool gadgets to use and helpful techniques for cooking with vision loss. 

Reading—read about different options for reading that are available to you including the talking book program, which offers free reading material for people with vision loss. 

Information for Families—often families do not not know what to do and need helpful tips. 

Diabetes Basics—we have recently updated many of our diabetes articles and we offer webinars on managing diabetes as well. 

Getting Started with Vision Loss—check out our guide to getting started as well as informative blogs from peers who discuss their journey. 

In Summary 

We hope you will visit VisionAware and spend time perusing the site. In 2022, for our 10th anniversary, we plan to survey our readers to determine what resonates with you, and what you would like us to provide for individuals, families and friends, and professionals adjusting to or experiencing vision loss. 

Lynda Lambert, VisionAware peer, author, and artist, offers these inspiring words for the new year:  

“At the beginning of each new year, I choose one word to guide the year. This year the word is “Clarity.” Clarity teaches me new things about making art and writing. Clarity helps me stay on my path to stand firm in the winds of change.” 

Stand Firm and Happy New Year from VisionAware!