Healthy Vision Month-A Family Focus

National Eye Institute-NIH- Healthy Vision-A Family Focus logo with pivtures of families with children and the logo with an eye and a heart in the center

This year, National Eye Institute’s Healthy Vision Month’s goal is to encourage and equip families to protect their vision together! They aim to highlight their Spanish content to support Spanish-speaking Hispanic/Latino families and caregivers.

Spanish/English Materials

The National Eye Institute (NEI) created campaign materials using a Spanish-first approach, meaning the information was written in Spanish and then translated into English. They used principles of transcreation, meaning the Spanish and English material isn’t word-for-word identical. Still, instead, the Spanish/ English content aligns with the intended audience’s cultural context. An example is the Healthy Vision page in English adjusted to Spanish.

NEI is also targeting steps Hispanic/Latino families can take to promote healthy vision and obtain eye care, stating that Hispanics/Latinos have high rates of blindness/ low vision caused by various eye conditions. Improving family eye health will work toward health equity.

APH ConnectCenter

APH VisionAware has several resources to help family members of adults understand eye health and eye conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma and to promote appropriate vision care. A useful section for Spanish readers is the Our family guide offers guidance to family members and friends on how to assist. Also, check out our Getting Started Guide in English and Spanish for useful tips.

APH FamilyConnect provides information in English and Spanish for families of children who are blind or low vision.

The APH ConnectCenter provides a directory of services for adults and children and an information line that provides translation assistance for Spanish-speaking callers.

Resources for Obtaining Eye Care

NEI offers a list of resources to help with eye exams, glasses, and treatment. This information includes help for both children and adults.