What is the Chameleon 20?

Two students holding three refreshable braille devices with APH Hive logo, Text: Getting Started with the Chameleon 20 Leslie Weilbacher

Part of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) is Assistive Technology, which is ever-changing and evolving. Knowing and understanding what technology your child uses and how to help outside school will further their confidence. While knowing existing technology and what is available to your child may seem overwhelming, we can simplify this by sharing resources and information.  

APH Hive 

The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) learning management system called The Hive currently offers training to equip you with the basics of using the refreshable braille display called the Chameleon 20. This device may be something your child recently received or has used for years, or you may want to evaluate if it is a tool to consider discussing at your next IEP meeting.  

This two-part offering starts with basic understanding and then advances to more complex skills. During this training, you will learn how to manage settings and updates, create and save documents, and utilize the Chameleon 20 in terminal mode as a refreshable braille display connected to a host device. You can also gather information to support your child and instruction with product information, checklists, and documents to help connect to Chrome Books or other devices. 

Are you ready to discover skills to help your child with their Chameleon 20 or understand what the Chameleon 20 can do to support your child? Accessing the two courses is just one click away at The Hive.