What is the Chameleon 20?

Two students holding three refreshable braille devices with APH Hive logo, Text: Getting Started with the Chameleon 20 Leslie Weilbacher

Part of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) is Assistive Technology, which is ever-changing and evolving. Knowing and understanding what technology your child uses and how to help outside school will further their confidence. While knowing existing technology and what is available to your child may seem overwhelming, we can simplify this by sharing resources and […]

APH Code Jumper and Summer Fun

Child creates a circuit with computer-mouse-sized Code Jumper pods. Text: APH Hive Getting Started: Code Jumper Unplugged Presented by Leslie Weilbacher, Robin Lowell, & Shelley Mack

Computer Science and Information Technology jobs have continued to rise over the last few years. The field of coding offers virtually endless job opportunities. It’s important for your child to explore this field. Many students start learning coding as early as kindergarten. However, your child with blindness or low vision might not have had the […]

Smart Speakers Bring New Access and Opportunities for Blind and Low Vision Residents in West Virginia

As discussed in the April 5, 2023, APH VisionAware blog entitled, APH Huntington Conducts Needs Assessment Study for Rural West Virginia Counties, APH Huntington partnered with the Marshall University Research Corporation to conduct a needs assessment study for Cabell and Wayne County West Virginia residents who are blind or have low vision. This study determined […]