APH Code Jumper and Summer Fun

Child creates a circuit with computer-mouse-sized Code Jumper pods. Text: APH Hive Getting Started: Code Jumper Unplugged Presented by Leslie Weilbacher, Robin Lowell, & Shelley Mack

Computer Science and Information Technology jobs have continued to rise over the last few years. The field of coding offers virtually endless job opportunities. It’s important for your child to explore this field. Many students start learning coding as early as kindergarten. However, your child with blindness or low vision might not have had the same exposure as those visual learners. Your child can experience coding and computer science with your help this summer.

APH’s Code Jumper

APH’s Code Jumper is designed for young children to begin exploring computer science ideas and coding through physical, tactile pods. Using APH Code Jumper, your child can plan, alter music, and craft stories. Contact your TVI or state lending library to borrow APH Code Jumper this summer. It’s a chance for you and your child to dive into coding. Together, you can create songs, stories, and soundscapes.

APH Hive Code Jumper Training

The APH Hive offers training to learn more about the APH Code Jumper and the many resources and activities you can do with your child over the summer. This can also provide the opportunity to support skills your child is working on with their TVI. Taking what you learn and working with your child and siblings is one amazing way to include everyone this summer with a new and exciting learning opportunity.

Take your coding skills to the next level with CJ, a blue cat-like creature from outer space. Help solve puzzles and educate CJ about planet Earth as another fun way to develop your child’s coding exploration and skills. CJ’s puzzles are another way to incorporate reading and coding together. The possibilities for learning and coding are endless this summer!