APH Hive: Equipping Children who Have Multiple Disabilities with Pre-Employment Skills

A teen sits in a wheelchair and explores a white flower. Text: Career Readiness for Students with Multiple Impairments; Erika Fundeius and Stacey Chambers; APH HIVE

Is your child who is blind or low vision with additional disabilities preparing for a lifetime of meaningful employment?

While transition and career readiness are mandated in your child’s IEP by age 16, career readiness has its place in your child’s educational programming from day one of entering school. But what does career readiness look like in your child’s day-to-day routines? What instruction should occur during the school day that can be generalized to home routines?

The APH Hive

The APH Hive is a community resource that houses information to support families and professionals. The learning opportunity Career Readiness for Students with Multiple Impairments is one such resource. It dives into preparing learners to become career ready and illustrating how self-determination and quality of life are incorporated into everyday routines at school.

Parents and professionals can easily access this offering by going to www.aphhive.org and clicking Sign In (Register if you haven’t already). Click Course Catalog, Expanded Core Curriculum, Career Education, and Career Readiness for Students with Multiple Impairments. You will enter additional information about yourself, click Submit, and then View Course. Under Resources, you will find handouts you can print out to share with your providers or take notes on, as well as links to additional resources and information. This training offers ACVREP credits for those who need to renew their licenses. For this reason, comprehension questions are asked at the end of each section.

Additional APH Hive Resources

The APH Hive covers many additional resources and topics. Explore courses like: “LEGO Braille Bricks for Pre-Braille,” “Magnification on the Go,” “Sarcasm Detectives,” and “High School Career Readiness.”