Beginning your Learning Journey with Hadley

Person Looking at the Hadley Website on a Tablet and viewing a prescription bottle

Hadley: A Great Gift for People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Who says great gifts need to be expensive? Or, that you can’t give yourself a great gift, just because? Here’s a suggestion for a gift that costs nothing and offers hours of learning. It’s also designed with people who are blind or low vision in mind.

For over a century, Hadley has provided workshops and self-paced training to individuals who are blind or low vision. Hadley began with braille correspondence courses and still offers plenty of workshops about braille, but added so much more over the years. Today, learners will find hundreds of workshops covering topics such as

  • daily living
  • adjusting to vision changes
  • technology
  • working
  • recreation
  • crafts
  • and more.

Hadley Enrollment

You can enroll with Hadley in one of two ways.

  • Registration your way — customize the way you view the website. Visit Hadley to sign up.
  • Call Hadley toll-free at 800-323-4238, and someone will register you over the phone.

Accessing Workshop Material

Computer users will find the Hadley website easy to navigate, with plenty of workshops grouped into categories like Technology, Daily Living, Braille, Working, etc. Workshops are typically 10 minutes or less, and you can take as many as you want when you want. Self-paced learning at Hadley does not mean “alone.” If you have a question or comment about a workshop, you can always call or email one of the learning experts supporting it.

Not a computer user? No problem. Many workshops are available via mail, in large print, braille, or audio Talking Book cartridge formats. Hadley uses the same audio cartridges as the NLS Talking Book program, so playing a workshop on the Talking Book player is super simple. Just call and ask what’s available or order your next workshop over the phone. There is no charge for the materials sent in the mail.

Where to Begin

Here are a couple of suggestions for workshop series that are great places to start:

There are hundreds more workshops available! Use the online catalog to find more workshops and see which are available only on the website and in braille, large print, or audio formats to mail.

In addition to the workshops, Hadley’s Discussion Groups and Hadley Presents podcasts are great resources for more information. There are ten monthly Hadley Discussion Groups on various subjects, including cooking, travel, braille, tech, recreation, writing, and more. Discussions occur via Zoom, allowing individuals to participate via landline telephone, smartphone/tablet, or computer. In fact, participants can request a call at the time of the discussion group, making it convenient and easy to join the conversation.

Likewise, getting the latest episodes of Hadley Presents podcast is as easy as asking your Amazon Echo, “Alexa, play the latest episode of Hadley Presents.” Of course, you can always open the Hadley Audio Podcasts page to play the most recent podcast or check out the many archived podcasts. You’ll also find Hadley’s newest podcast, Insights and Sound Bites, with quick tips from listeners, moderated by Douglas Walker.

Whatever your preference, telephone, computer, braille, Talking Book cartridge, large print, or podcast, Hadley offers a way to learn more about living and thriving with blindness or low vision. Treat yourself, a friend, or family member, to a Hadley workshop, podcast, or discussion group.