SiteWise™: Super Suggestions for Making Communities Vision Friendly

by Anne Riddering, OTR/L, CLVT, COMS

Development of SiteWise™

A few years ago, Henry Ford Health System’s Vision and Neuro Rehabilitation Center of Michigan developed a program called SiteWise™ in response to older adult patients who reported decreased independence in community settings due to inaccessibility. Through the project, buildings and businesses were evaluated to determine needed modifications.

The goal of the SiteWise™ program was to enhance community participation, offer low-cost, easy adaptations, raise public awareness, and educate staff in businesses and institutions that older people who are blind or have low vision frequent. These businesses and institutions included medical facilities and pharmacies, places of worship, banks, restaurants, libraries, community centers, and public spaces. Sponsored by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, SiteWise™ includes eight pamphlets that provide “super suggestions” for increasing access for people who are blind or low vision. These are now available in accessible downloadable formats.

In summary, there are increasing numbers of older adults who wish to remain active but are having difficulties due to blindness or low vision. These numbers are projected to increase exponentially over the next two decades. Simple changes to our buildings and services will allow persons with vision changes to stay safe and active in businesses within their communities.

SiteWise™ Pamphlet List:

Download Pamphlet on Medical Centers

Download Pamphlet on Pharmacies

Download Pamphlet on Banks

Download Pamphlet on Restaurants

Download Pamphlet on Public Spaces

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