10 Resources for Transitioning from High School to College or Work

Young lady wearing glasses uses a laptop

Editor’s note: The following blog post has been updated as of May 2023.

How are you feeling about your upcoming transition from high school? Can college or a career “not come soon enough” or are you hoping time will slow down because you appreciate the support of home life and you don’t want to say goodbye to your local friends? Maybe you’re feeling a little of both, and that’s normal too.

However you’re feeling, it’s important to prepare for your upcoming transition to college or a career as an individual who is blind or low vision in order for it to be as smooth of a transition as possible.

Check out these 10 resources to equip you for college and/or a career:

  1. Peruse the APH CareerConnect Transition section. You’ll find a collection of articles designed to assist teens and young adults who are blind or low vision in establishing and reaching transition-related goals which are tailored to family and personal culture, preferences, and interests.
  2. Utilize the APH ConnectCenter Transition Hub to search for year-round and summer transition services and programs for youth and young adults who are blind or low vision services and programs that help you meet your individualized goals for your future!
  3. Take full advantage of APH CareerConnect’s virtual career exploration and job-seeking skills training course, the Job Seeker’s Toolkit. It is recently updated, accessible, and free of charge.
  4. Explore careers with NSITE Connect! Review jobs and careers that mesh with your interests and skills. Find out what education the careers require, what experiences they require, and what job responsibilities and compensation you can expect.
  5. See how others who are blind or low vision are successfully employed in your fields of interest by reading Personal Employment Stories of Individuals Who Are Blind or Low Vision and watching any of the following CareerConversation videos (interviews of individuals who are blind or low vision working in a variety of interesting fields): APH — American Printing House for the Blind – YouTube.
  6. Seek the mentorship of a recent college graduate who is blind or low vision using Envision’s College Success Program as you anticipate the college-readiness and application process.
  7. Glean from the wisdom of other young adults who share their experiences acquiring self-advocacy. Check out the blogs Advocating for Your Rights as a College Student and How to Be Your Own Advocate.
  8. If you have room to improve your orientation and mobility skills, read Five Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Skills to “Pack” for College Life; if you’re considering handling a dog guide, read Handling a Dog Guide in College: My Experience and Tips to read the tips Addie Evers acquired from obtaining a dog guide in her college years.
  9. Learn about the employment skills and opportunities provided by Beyond Vision if you think you may need support learning career skills before conducting a job search.
  10. Read through APH CareerConnect’s section on Conducting a Successful Job Search to prep for your job search.

Armed with the aforementioned resources, you’re ready to prepare for your next season—early adulthood!