Hot topics and preparation strategies for transitioning to adulthood.

teen wearing an apron works in the produce department

The Scoop on Summer Work Experiences 

The school year is winding down, and summer is almost here! As you wade through final exams and turn in final projects, your mind may wander toward academic break activities. […]

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rice, beans and other mexican foods served at a table.

Bread, Rice, or Tostada: Cultural Inclusion at The Transition Table

Like food choices, many factors impact how blind or low-vision youth and their families view transition.  We invite you to explore how transition goals are highly individualized, need to be developed to meet the […]

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Teen wearing glasses appears to be deep in thought

Finding Your Passion: Demystifying What is Right or Good

Who am I, really?  When a baby is born, its brain is hardwired to copy what it sees. The baby observes and, within a few weeks, naturally engages with the world […]

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