Let’s Learn About APH Braille Displays 

child holds a braille display (Text: Let's Learn APH: Braille Display. William Freeman. ConnectCenter Logo. 9/20 7:00 PM ET.)

Join us for a brief overview of the Mantis Q40 and Chameleon 20 braille displays! We’ll also discuss other braille displays and braille literacy and have time for questions. 

Mantis vs Chameleon

If you’re unfamiliar, the Mantis and Chameleon have similar software but differ in key ways. The first and most obvious difference is that the Mantis has a QWERTY keyboard, and the Chameleon has a traditional braille keyboard. The Chameleon also has text-to-speech support. Join us to learn which display might work better for your child or student and how you can best make that decision. 


The software that supports both displays includes a text editor, book reader, calculator, and a braille terminal. A braille terminal allows you to interface your display with a computer, tablet, or phone via a screen reader. We’ll cover how this works and point you to other resources to help you learn more.

Webinar Invitation

APH ConnectCenter offers the opportunity to hear from William Freeman, APH Tactile Technology Product Manager in a webinar on September 20th at 7:00 PM Eastern. We will learn what the Mantis and Chameleon braille display devices offer and who would benefit from these devices. You can also directly provide your thoughts and feedback.

Join us as we discover two devices that may be part of your child’s education that will support braille education, technology access, and independence.