OpticAware: Support Changing Behaviors  

A youth smiles while wearing a slim black rubber bracelet similar to a Fitbit with a metal face plate.

Working to break a habit can be challenging, especially when trying to help your child break a habit. Have you heard of HabitAware? APH and HabitAware, maker of the OpticAware bracelet, have partnered to create a device to help children change their pattern of eye poking and pressing behavior.  

OpticAware Bracelet 

OpticAware is a smart bracelet similar in size to a Fitbit that helps a person be aware of their subconscious behaviors. When one wears the device and eye presses, it vibrates, providing a gentle hug to help build awareness surrounding eye pressing behavior. This gentle vibration brings attention to the behavior, allowing your child to make a different choice in their movement. The OpticAware bracelet pairs with an app that tracks the wearer’s eye-pressing behavior so that the wearer can learn their patterns of eye pressing. 

OpticAware brings awareness to eye pressing and can bolster the social confidence of the wearer. While eye pressing has medical ramifications, such as damage to the eye socket and diminished vision, eye pressing also may cause unwanted social attention or outcomes. By helping in a nonverbal, user-empowered manner or bringing more attention to the behavior, you can focus on praise and the choice to engage in a different activity. 84% of consumers using Keen for behavior such as hair pulling, skin picking, and nail-biting share that this product “helps reduce the behavior.”