Jobs for Humanity: Connecting Employers with Talent

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A high unemployment rate exists among people who are blind or low vision. It may be partially due to potential employers seeing a candidate’s disability and failing to recognize their abilities and job qualifications. Likewise, a potential employer may struggle to understand how a person who is blind or low vision performs specific job functions independently. That’s where Jobs for Humanity steps in! They train employers and connect employers with exceptional talent. 

Jobs for Humanity, a Resource for Employers 

Jobs for Humanity trains employers to understand how people who are blind or low vision perform job functions and how to make their business more welcoming and accessible. 

Some examples of what they focus on are: 

  • Increased empathy towards people who are blind or low vision 
  • Education on how people who are blind or low vision live and work  
  • Ensuring employer websites and the job application process are accessible 
  • Accessibility during the interview and onboarding process 
  • Fostering a culture of inclusion 

Instructions for Employers 

Are you an employer looking to welcome a qualified individual who is blind or low vision into your workspace? Sign up with Jobs for Humanity and post your open position. You’ll receive notifications when candidates apply. You will also receive recruitment support from Jobs for Humanity throughout the hiring process.  

If you’re looking to be more inclusive of employees who are blind or low vision, you can watch training videos or access the training in text.  

Jobs for Humanity, a Resource for Job Seekers 

Jobs for Humanity also connects job seekers who are blind or low vision with employers seeking talented employees. The jobs are not explicitly designed for people with disabilities. They are jobs posted by employers who are aware that applicants connected through Jobs for Humanity are blind or low vision or have other disabilities. 

If you’re a job seeker, the Jobs for Humanity program allows you to more readily find jobs in the fields you desire and with more specific preferences such as experience level, job function, type of employment, and location. It emphasizes the importance of networking, as communicating with various organizations can significantly increase your chances for job offers and career opportunities. 

Instructions for Job Seekers 

If you are a candidate, visit Jobs for Humanity: Jobs for the Blind and browse open positions. You can apply to jobs you are interested in and for which you are qualified. You can also create or update your resume. Know that the potential employers are working and learning how to make their work environment more accessible and inclusive. 

A small selection of the wide range of job openings (at the time of writing) include: 

  1. Safelite is recruiting for 500+ roles with no experience needed in an earn & learn model. 
  1. Virgin Hotels is hiring for hospitality jobs. 
  1. Minnesota Schools are recruiting for teaching and custodial positions. 
  1. is hiring technology-based jobs. 
  1. YUPRO Placements is hiring project coordinators, IT support, and business analyst roles. 
  1. Alexander Mann Solutions is recruiting technology roles, sales, marketing, and client support. 


Jobs for Humanity is a resource that can support people who are blind or low vision in pushing the current boundaries of accessibility in the realm of work. It can help employers stay ahead of the game and change the working landscape one employee at a time. It fosters the space for these two groups to unite and benefit each other.  

Join Jobs for Humanity in increasing employment statistics and making workplaces more inclusive.