Digital Inclusion Resources from the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) 

A student wearing glasses uses an iPad in the classroom.

Your child may come home with a school iPad, Chromebook, or laptop, and you may be aware of increased digital instruction and activities. If you recognize accessibility issues, you may need resources to help your child’s team with accessible technology.  

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) conducted the Access and Engagement research series during the pandemic and the Barriers to Digital Inclusion study last year, finding education is still one of the top areas of accessibility concerns. AFB has created valuable resources for parents, students, and professionals to help with this rising issue.   

Digital Platforms 

 As schools continue to use digital platforms to educate students, it is key to create tools and resources to help make digital information more accessible. A lack of digital inclusivity is frustrating for students and parents. Additionally, gaps in access to the internet, computers, and mobile devices impact student participation in virtual learning/digital learning opportunities.   

Two Free Toolkits 

Based on their research, AFB has published two free toolkits to help make the digital school environment more accessible.  

The Accessible Ed Tech Resources share practical guidance for ed tech creators and school officials who procure technology to ensure accessibility in the classroom. It is an excellent resource for families to share with school and district tech coordinators.  

The Digital Inclusion Toolkits offer tips for students, families, teachers, and school administrators on advocating for full digital inclusion at school. Digital inclusion toolkits provide research-based information and guidance on how to: 

  • Incorporate digital inclusion into IEP documents 
  • Advocate for digital inclusion in the community 
  • Plan for digital access 
  • Share information about digital inclusion with your child’s education team 

The Digital Inclusion Toolkits are for you to use and share with others. AFB has taken the time to put together many toolkits to help you support your child this coming year. Take a peek at a few of the resources.