Middle School to Beyond

Preparing for life post-graduation starts early. Transition meetings begin at age 14 where planning for employment, education or training, and independent living begins.

A teen learning how to use a stove for cooking with a parent.

Preparing for Independent Living

Independent Living programs equip transition-age youth for future challenges. They cover social relationships, recreation and leisure, housing, and transportation. The goal is to increase autonomy post-high school.

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A young adult sitting at a table working on a computer typing.

Preparing for Employment

Preparing your child for work starts at a young age. Here, we will focus on skills to equip your young adult for employment during and after high school.

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A student using a tactile map of the United States.

Preparing for Further Education

Exploring post-high-school education options takes time and consideration. These resources and articles can help your child prepare for the next step in their education path.

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