Preparing for Employment

Preparing your child for work starts at a young age. Here, we will focus on skills to equip your young adult for employment during and after high school.

A student using sign to communicate to his teacher sitting next to him.

Seven Pre-Employment Skills for Children with Complex Needs

So, you want your child to find a job. There’s no time to lose, so let’s get started! Ideally, you’re reading this well before you and your teenager approach the job market with hopeful consideration, as pre-employment skills are best taught early in the game. However, don’t stress if you’re reading this as the parent of […]

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A group of teens talking.

Transition from High School to Adult Life for Teenagers Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

Although “transition” describes the process of moving from one phase to another, in special education, it often refers specifically to the period of time when your teenager is preparing for adult life after leaving public school. Several activities need to take place during this transition. Transition: When Does It Start? For children who are blind […]

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A teacher supporting a student gluing paper on the table.

What Parents Need to Know About Supported Employment for Individuals with Multiple Disabilities

Supported Employment (SE) is a program established by the federal government in the 1980s that enables individuals with severe disabilities to become employed. It is a complex system that blends resources from a variety of sources. The following information provides a general description of supported employment. What Is Supported Employment? It is a model of […]

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A man stocking a vending machine.

Future Employment Options for Your Child Who is Blind/Low Vision with Multiple Disabilities

The value of successful employment should not be underestimated for your child who is blind or low vision with complex needs. Successful employment provides: All of these contribute to a positive self-concept and a satisfying, emotionally healthy life. While working will be enormously beneficial to your child, identifying an appropriate job and successfully performing job […]

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Female Customer Delicatessen Food Store Buying Local Cheese From Teenage Sales Assistant

Journey to a Successful Work Experience

This series of ten lesson plans is designed to provide professionals with a structured approach for helping teenagers who are blind or low vision seek and prepare for a summer work experience. Feel free to print out and adapt the lesson plans for your needs or those of the individuals you work with.

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Blind student typing on type writer in a classroom.

Putting Your Organization Skills to Work

Author Shannon Carollo shares ideas on the practical application of ECC skills and organization tips to ensure youth with blindness or low vision can independently set-up and navigate their workspace. Organizing Your Workspace Researchers at the University of Minnesota found working in a messy environment led to more creative thinking. But don’t be too quick to be content with […]

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A teen pushing a cart with books in a library.

Sorting, Puzzles, and Early Activities Support Successful Futures

Anne and Adam Harvey have learned that career education starts early in life. For Adam, 20, who has CHARGE Syndrome, career education began in preschool. Anne attributes Adam’s success in his current job to setting high expectations. She focused on teaching him independent living skills from an early age. It started with engaging in meaningful […]

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