Preparing for Further Education

Exploring post-high-school education options takes time and consideration. These resources and articles can help your child prepare for the next step in their education path.

View of a small dorm room.

Preparing for College this Summer, College Life Begins

The summer before your child enters college is a transitional time. While they are still living at home, they must prepare for their life away. An important part of the preparation […]

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college student in the library

Advocating for Your Rights as a College Student

As your child prepares for college, encouraging them to advocate for their own rights is crucial, especially if they are blind or have low vision. This skill is vital to […]

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A group of multiethnic university students sitting on grass taking a selfie.

Activities to Help Prepare for Further Education

If your child is college-bound, she will require specific training to prepare for independent college life. No longer will an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team create a plan to help her succeed […]

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