A Teen’s Vision of the Future: Creating a Vision Board

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Poster board with pasted pictures of an airplane, music notes, indoor sky diving, a beach, a zip line, and musicians. Text: Traveling, Armon and Trey (Singers), Performing on Stage, Zip Lining

My name is Gabriela Abeyta, but I go by Gabby. I am 16 years old and from New Mexico. This upcoming school year, I will be in 11th grade. I am a straight-A student, and I read and write in braille. I use a white cane, and I have some vision. I like to sing, read, and make editing videos. I am kind and like to help others and make a difference in people’s lives. Here are my thoughts about creating a vision board.

A Start to Your Future

A fun and bright future can start with something as simple as a vision board. Self-motivation is the best motivation you can get. Why not start your future with a vision board of your goals and dreams? Everyone has dreams, but they don’t always believe they can accomplish them. That’s where a vision board comes into place. How cool would it be to have something to motivate you to make your goals and dreams come true, like a list you can check off, but more creative?

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is simply a way to visualize your goals, dreams, and expectations. When you can physically see or conceptualize what you hope for, it will make you more likely to actually do it. A vision or dream board is just a fancy way of saying a poster or Google slide show of pictures, quotes, and people that are important to you. You can make a collage with pictures of things you would like to do, such as: meeting famous people, going on vacation, visiting places you want to visit, writing a book, being an actor, being in the Olympics, or anything. I believe every individual can have one, whether sighted or blind.

If you cannot see pictures, you can have someone describe them and add alt-text descriptions. You also could use photos that already have alt-text added to them. 3-dimensional objects, such as small shells or keys, can also be used. Choose objects that are meaningful or special to you.

Stay Motivated

To work toward goals, start within your mind and your heart, so you will believe that what you want could be possible. It’s one thing to have a few dreams, but another to stand on them firmly and work toward them. Turn your dreams into goals. People will often judge you for your dreams just because they’re distinct from theirs or because you are different. They will try to make you feel like you can’t reach your dreams, but do not let them stop you! Use this as a stepping stone to push yourself to achieve your goals. Remember to stay motivated and always know that you can do what you put your mind to.

Creating a Vision Board

You may wonder how you can make a vision board as a blind person! It may seem challenging or complicated; however, it is a way to improve and show your strengths as someone who is blind or low vision. There are several ways that you can do it.

If you are good with computers, you can use a screen reader to help you create a slide show. You can use sound clips, video clips, and text description that explains your dreams/ goals. If you do a physical poster, you can add tactile objects like images or things that symbolize ideas for you. For instance, place feathers for birds or flying. Another way that can be very effective is to have a sighted person assist you. Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean you can’t have a vision of how you want things to be, such as how you want to arrange things on a slideshow or a poster.

You can decide what pictures you want and have a sighted person place them exactly where you want them. Add braille, large print, or digital tags for labeling photos to make your board accessible. It also allows you to access your board independently. You might not be able to see pictures, but what is essential is that you have ownership of the process. You can imagine just how great it looks, and sighted people will get to know you through your vision board if you share it with them.

Other ways to create a vision board would be to write a letter or keep a list on your device and format of choice. What matters is that it holds meaning for you and helps you move forward with your goals and visions in life.

It may seem like your dreams aren’t coming true immediately, but eventually, you will see that you can reach your dreams just like everyone else. Looking back at your vision board allows you to check off the dreams you have made come true. It also allows you to plan your steps to moving the dreams of your life forward.

My Very Own Vision Board

I always knew I had some dreams, but it wasn’t until I made the vision board that I started to believe in my dreams. This made me more open to exploring the things I want to do in life and not be afraid to show everyone my dreams. My vision board consists of pictures of my favorite music artists I want to meet one day, sky diving in an indoor facility, a plane representing traveling, zip lining, tubing in the snow, and going to a beach. All of my pictures have descriptions in braille, so I know what’s on them. I am proud that this board has helped me push myself to reach my dreams, and I am beyond grateful that I have made some of them come true this year.

Achieving my Goals

I’ve been told many times that I can’t do things because I can’t see, but when it comes to my dreams, I will try until I make them come true. Before I went skydiving, I told the instructor I was blind. He immediately thought I couldn’t do it because he had an unsuccessful experience with another person who was blind. He thought I wouldn’t understand the gestures, but I didn’t let that limit my opportunity. Instead, I showed him I knew how to pay attention and cooperate. It was a great experience.

I’ve done many other projects to help achieve my goals, such as a short film, a soundtrack of my life, and my year-in-review presentation. These projects have helped me discover who I am and showed me that I can do anything, even when people tell me I can’t.

Anyone can have a dream, but will you take the necessary steps to reach it? A dream board is an excellent way to hold things you want to accomplish and give yourself hope that you can do them. With or without one, you can still reach your dreams. Whenever anyone tells you that you can’t do something because of your differences, let that motivate you to use your tools to prove them wrong and do it. Dreams can be made into reality if you are passionate about them.