Career Conversations: Brian Ghezelaiagh, licensed Psychiatrist  

Career Conversations: an interview with Brian Ghezelaiagh, licensed Psychiatrist Date: 12/7/2023  Time (stated in Eastern Time): 6:00 pm  Duration: 1 hour   APH CareerConnect logo ACVREP/CRCC credits available

Join APH CareerConnect for our very popular Career Conversations Series. 

Brian Ghezelaiagh,   MD, Psychiatrist will share his journey from choosing psychiatry through his education and now practicing as a licensed Psychiatrist. Brian has low vision and will discuss accommodations at work and what it is like for him to practice as a Psychiatrist. 

We will begin with a discussion on how our featured professionals started out and ended up in their career, including how confidence, determination and self-advocacy played a role throughout their successful employment journey.  

The remainder of the hour-long session will provide an opportunity for Transition age students and curious job seekers to follow up with choice career-related questions through informational interviewing. 

Who should attend? young adults who are blind or low vision, job seekers, parents, teachers and rehabilitation professionals.