As your baby grows, they will become more interested in interacting with you, other family members, and children. They will need some help from you in learning how to play alone and with others. It’s also a good idea to think about how behavior influences others’ reactions at home and in the community. We have many ideas to share with you to help your baby become a sociable child who enjoys others and with whom others enjoy spending time.

Teaching How to Play

If you think about it, you may realize that sighted children are often most interested in a toy’s appearance. We’ve all seen children smile at a big, cuddly stuffed animal or a funny-looking cartoon character they’ve seen on television. But for a child who is blind or low vision, looks aren’t necessarily the significant factor.

Little boy playing on his tommy with a toy.

Encouraging Babies and Toddlers to Play

Children show interest in toys and activities from a young age; they typically begin engaging with objects or people in repetitive patterns. You can discover your child’s play patterns by […]

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A little girl sitting against the couch playing with kitchen and household items hanging from a play frame. 

Teaching Your Baby Who is Blind or Low Vision to Play with Toys

All babies go through a sequence of learning to play. The first thing an infant usually does with a toy is bring it to their mouth—they have already had the […]

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Cozy kids room interior with play tent and toys.

Choosing Toys and Creating a Play Area for Your Blind or Low-Vision Child

When selecting toys for children, we often focus on their appearance. Sighted kids smile at cuddly stuffed animals and vibrant cartoon characters. However, for a child who is blind or […]

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Three toddlers playing with a busy board. 

Learning to Play with Other Children as a Child Who is Blind or Low Vision

Play is one of the ways that young children learn about their world and, at the same time, begin to develop their social and language skills. There are a number […]

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Family of four, including a baby and young elementary-age child; Baby wearing glasses using a large white board which has magnetic blocks and beaded necklaces affixed.

Sensory Play: Mom Shares Ideas for Babies and Children

My name is Dovile, and I am a mother of two incredible boys, Jacob (6) and Dominic (1). Jacob is our music lover; he fills our house with music and […]

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Mr. Potato Head with a hat, glasses and moustache facing a Mrs. Potato head

Identifying Individual Facial Features on a Mr. Potato Head Toy

Excerpted from Everyday Activities to Promote Visual Efficiency: A Handbook for Working with Young Children with Visual Impairments by Ellen Trief and Rona Shaw A Fun Activity for Children 12 […]

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A little girl eye poking with her mom standing behind her. 

Repetitive Behaviors in Children Who are Blind or Low Vision: What Are They?

Fourteen-month-old Skyler sat on the floor in the child care room at the synagogue. One Friday evening while her parents talked with the woman in charge. When the woman noticed […]

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