A child standing and engaged with a large blue barrel with bells moving it around.

Children with Blindness and Complex Needs: Building Better Communications  

Are you ready to better support your child with complex needs? APH Hive’s three-part course provides families with tips that are especially useful for advocating and enhancing communication at home […]

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Headshot of Hoby Wedler smiling outdoors

Blind Entrepreneur Finds Success in Chemistry

When he discovered organic chemistry in high school, Hoby Wedler, Ph.D., knew it would be his calling. Initially, he wanted to teach – and he did, for a while – […]

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person looking at camera prosthetic ocular lens

Why I Wear Prosthetic Eyes: Life with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada

Editor’s note: Empish Thomas shares her decision about using ocular lenses and her experience obtaining, wearing, and caring for them. The blog has been updated as of May 2024.  Why […]

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refreshable braille display

From Carnival Owner to Blind Entrepreneur: Navigating Accessibility

I never saw this happening. I never saw myself as an accessibility expert. I never realized I had anything special to offer the disability community. It all started when the […]

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