Employment Connections Resume Writing Tips and Tricks  

9/14/23 6-7pm Employment Connections: Resume Writing Tips and Tricks. Barbara McCleave. APH ConnectCenter logo, ACVREP/CRCC credits available. Photo of person working on their resume on their desktop computer.

Join the team at APH ConnectCenter for our very popular Employment Connections where we will be discussing resume writing tips and tricks. Our guest will be Barbara McCleave, Human Resources Recruiter and Career Counselor. 

We will be discussing the visual aspects of resume writing in an accessible nonvisual manner.  

The remainder of the hour-long session will provide an opportunity for Transition-age students and curious job seekers to follow up with questions about resume content and formatting as it relates to developing their resume.  

Who should attend? young adults who are blind or low vision, job seekers, teachers, and rehabilitation professionals.