Lesson 2: Gather Information

Individual pulling a library book from the shelf

Name(s) of student(s):

Age and grade level:

Goal from IEP connected to lesson:

Objective from IEP connected to lesson:

Purpose of lesson: To gather information and resources in order to devise solutions to a problem.

Materials needed: Internet access.


“Today, you will learn to gather the necessary information to solve a problem. When an obstacle (problem) is in the way of meeting a goal, you will explore possible solutions.”

Discussion: Consider Your Options

“When faced with a problem, you must determine if it is your problem to solve. If it is, how long do you have to gather information? Slow down and thoroughly investigate your options if it is not an emergency. There are almost always several solutions to a problem.

  • Brainstorm solutions.
  • Evaluate each solution’s procedure, cost (monetary and emotional), likely effectiveness, and the commitment level involved.”

Exercise: Case Study 1

Hunter, a senior in high school, has a great girlfriend, a part-time job, and prom this Saturday. Hunter is blind and, therefore cannot legally drive. His girlfriend, Lindsey, has happily used the city bus with Hunter for many dates, but Hunter wants to make this Saturday extra special. He made reservations at an Italian restaurant and wants to surprise Lindsey with fancy transportation.

Identify the problem:

What information should be gathered?

List three possible solutions:

Discussion: Know Your Resources

Consider the following resources:

  • Can you seek counsel from someone who has faced a similar problem?
  • Are there local resources for someone in your situation? (Agency for the blind, hospital, counselor, Disability Resource Center at a university, Vocational Rehabilitation, Human Resources department, etc.)
  • Consider weighing opinions from a few trustworthy people who have your best interest in mind.

Exercise: Case Study 2

Mariah recently graduated from high school and is considering using a guide dog. She plans to begin working full-time as a teacher’s aide in the beginning of the school year and isn’t sure she will have enough time to master the skill set prior to work.

Identify the problem:

What information should be gathered?

What resources are available to her?

Exercise: Fundraising Project

Students should be reminded of a possible upcoming trip or celebration that can happen if properly funded. Have students gather information and resources on fundraising options.


“Today, you learned to gather information and to consider possible resources before deciding on a solution to a problem.”

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