Navigating Relationships

Learn considerations for dating, grandparenting, caring for others, and communicating with adult children when you are blind or low vision.

Grandparent between two grandchildren


If you are a grandparent experiencing vision loss late in life, you may not be responsible for the day-to-day demands of child-rearing, but there’s still plenty of teaching, entertaining, and […]

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Older person sits alone at a table with their back against the camera

Loss of a Spouse/Partner

Losing a spouse is one of the most devastating events in life. No matter how long or short the marriage or how close the relationship, there is no doubt that […]

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Two people drink tea at a restaurant

Dating 101

by Empish J. Thomas, VisionAware Peer Advisor Making adjustments to vision changes can be very challenging. Learning new ways to travel safely in and outside the home can be daunting. […]

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Person wearing eyeglasses leans into an older person in a wheelchair

Caregiving When Blind or Low Vision

When someone you love is very ill, recovering from surgery or injury, suffering from a long-term debilitating condition, or is simply becoming more fragile through the aging process, you will […]

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Older person and young teen put their arms around each other

Evolving Family Dynamics

Your relationship with your adult children is likely to be extremely important to you. You probably want to maintain a close relationship with your adult children regardless of your child’s […]

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Person holds hand up to the camera with a flat palm to symbolize, "Stop"

Crime and Domestic Violence

Discover tips for protecting against identity theft, data on crime statistics for people with disabilities, and information on domestic violence against people who are blind or low vision. Crime against […]

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