Bathroom Accessibility

Learn how a person with low vision can use color and contrast effectively in the bathroom to increase visibility and safety.

container with three body products, each with a different number of rubber bands for distinguishing bottles by touch

Your Bathroom

Tile, water, slippery surfaces—the bathroom can present many hazards for someone with even a slight degree of low vision or loss of mobility. Minimize your risk of accidents with these […]

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Dark counter with white sink

Sink Area With and Without Contrast

Sink Area Without Contrast The low contrast bathroom sink graphic shows a sink with a soap dish and soap holder, cup, toothbrush holder with toothbrushes, medicine cabinet with medicine bottles, […]

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White bathtub with dark green shower curtain, floor mat, towels, and nonslip tub liner

Bathtub Area With and Without Contrast

Bathtub Area Without Contrast The low-contrast bathtub area features light flooring, light walls, and a white tub and tub surround. The tub mat and grab bar are light colored; the […]

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