Home and Vehicle Repairs

Learn about making critical home repairs if you are blind or low vision, such as fixing a toilet or changing lightbulbs and batteries. This section also includes information for minor car repairs.

tool box

Your Tool Box: The Right Tool for the Right Job

Except for projects that call for precise measurements, most everyday household repair jobs won’t require any special tools adapted for persons who are blind or low vision. You can find […]

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close-up of circuit breaker

Replacing Fuses and Resetting Circuit Breakers

A sudden loss of electrical power is one of those experiences that every homeowner is familiar with or soon will be. The summer months are especially vulnerable, with air conditioners […]

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water runs into sink drain

Unclogging Drains

Sometimes, sink, shower, tub, and toilets will become stopped and drain slowly or, worse yet, not at all. This may cause a messy overflow. An accumulation of food particles, grease, […]

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Person holds rubber washer, a quarter-size circle

Replacing a Washer

Are the drips and chatter in your home driving you crazy? We’re speaking here about sink, shower, tub, and sill faucets that drip or chatter when turned on—not annoying neighbors […]

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ceiling fan

Installing a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can add an interesting decorative touch to a room and make the room have a much more comfortable and even temperature. Ceiling fans well placed can increase […]

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well-lit, clean bathroom

Fixing Toilets That Do Not Shut Off Properly

Over time, toilets may leak small amounts of water from the tank into the toilet bowl, causing more water to be added. This uses water needlessly and can be startling […]

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three people wear aprons and hold home repair gear

Resources for Home Repair

Home Repair The following books on home repair are available through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped at the Library of Congress. This program provides books […]

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vintage lightbulb

Changing Light Bulbs and Batteries

Most homes or apartments have several different types of light bulbs—incandescent, halogen, LED, or fluorescent bulbs– that screw into a light fixture or lamp and fluorescent tubes that snap into […]

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wooden block in the shape of a house sits atop a notebook

Home Repairs Safety, and Preparation Checklist

Although you’ve probably had years of experience with home repairs, we recommend you use a safety checklist that includes the following: Organizing Your Workshop Area Good organization, as always, is […]

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Person holds two wrenches in front of a car

Making Car Repairs

You can certainly continue to perform most car maintenance tasks independently when blind or low vision. Most mechanics find it difficult to see many of the parts in a crowded […]

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