Find out how to know where you are in your home or neighborhood. Learn how to use your other senses to get around, find dropped objects, and travel indoors and out.

Person searching for dropped wallet

Searching for Dropped Objects

From the APH Press book, Making Life More Livable: Simple Adaptations for Living at Home after Vision Loss, Third Edition, by Maureen A. Duffy. Whoops! Now Where Did That Go? […]

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Person walking into a house with an armful of groceries

Indoor & Outdoor Travel Skills

If you are an adult who is blind or has low vision, you may have experienced several – or perhaps all – of the following Orientation and Mobility (O&M) problems […]

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Parent and child walking upstairs

Indoor Movement and Orientation: Use Your Senses

If you’ve had vision throughout your life, you’ve probably used it to obtain most or all the information you need to get around. Now that you are blind or low […]

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Close-up of a person holding a white cane and climbing stairs

Traveling and Orienting Outdoors

I can see some things, but what I see is not always reliable. How can I learn to use non-visual information? If you’ve had vision for most of your life, […]

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A person sits next to a golden retriever on a park bench.

Become Your Own Orientation and Mobility Instructor

Carefully, I tapped my way through the unfamiliar coffee shop towards the counter to pick up my mocha beverage and then navigated my way outside to an empty table to […]

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