Preschool to Elementary

Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is a big step. Learning how to prepare your child for these changes and what you can do with your educational team will support a seamless move to the next step in their education journey.

A girl sitting outside picking strawberries in the sun.

Five Tips for Increasing Independence

The difference between a three-year-old’s (preschooler) level of independence and an eleven-year-olds (fifth grader) level of independence is significant. The change doesn’t happen overnight! It does happen through a series […]

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Two young boys playing with red magnets on a white board

Preparing Your Child Who is Blind or Low Vision for Kindergarten

Such a whirlwind of bittersweet emotions—kindergarten is approaching! It’s hard to believe how quickly the years have passed, right? Your little one went from complete dependence on you to making […]

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A young boy holding a pen looking at an assignment on a slant board.

Navigating the Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten

As parents, one of the most crucial milestones we encounter is preparing our children to transition from preschool to kindergarten. For families with children who are blind or low vision, […]

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